What is Auto Infatuation?

Auto Infatuation was developed by a group of guys who love the automotive culture.  We come from a diverse background in bank finance, franchise management, independent business ownership, and wholesale vehicle procurement.  Each of us brings a unique quality to the table to help drive our business forward.

Our motto and mission is simple.  “Drive what you love.”  There’s absolutely no reason why your vehicle should be anything other than an expression of your personality and circumstance.

  • Do you want the new fun tech but need space for the kids?  We’ll find you a beautiful third row that can meet your families needs.  Let’s keep you feeling proud in the school drop off line.
  • Do you have a long commute to work but are unwilling to compromise on comfort?  Let’s get you into a rolling in a luxury sedan with 30mpg.
  • Do you have a construction business and you need something reliable that can put in a hard days work?  Do you need a rock solid warranty to keep it running far into the future?  Let’s get you in a durable diesel 2500/3500 and package in a bumper to bumper warranty.
  • Looking for a fun summertime play toy but don’t want to break the bank?  We’ll find you the perfect used wine car convertible or track beast to keep a smile glued to your face.

Whatever you need, we will find it.  It’s our goal to provide you a wide selection of inventory today.  If we don’t have it now, we can get it tomorrow.  Let us know your budget and what you need.  We’ll track it down.